Pre-arrival strategy


Our commitment to personal attention is paramount, so understanding and managing your expectations is key, it’s essential that we gather as much information as possible before we begin the search. At earliest possible opportunity we have a meeting/call to listen to their thoughts and ask some expertly crafted questions which enable us to provide the very best service.

Not only will we discover about the transferee’s needs and wants in terms of location, proximity to transport based on location of new place of business, but perhaps more importantly we get a detailed portrait of all the family members and their particular needs and considerations. The objective is to start to understand the framework of the life you, the client will be moving away from so we can then most closely replicate that in the new locale whilst at the same time giving you and your family the best opportunity to expand your cultural horizons and enjoy what your new environment offers

The goal is also to clearly and professionally explain the process and all its nuances , this ensures a clear agenda for engagement sets expectations and begins to add a clear roadmap for the whole process.

We will also discuss qualifications, allowances/limitations as well as any documents they’ll need to have with them, such as passports, visas, proof of employment, etc.

We will answer all questions the client or their family might have. We will assure them that all of us at An Englishman in New York will always be at their service – prior to the move, during the move and just as importantly after the move, to address their concerns, to make a seamless, stress-free transition to their new life and home.

All of this is backed up and reiterated in a Shared simple “Roadmap to a new beginning” document that will be always accessible