Moving and Integration Services


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We have a list of pre-approved vetted and fully bonded moving companies who operate on an international and domestic basis. We can be the point of contact for the arrangements if required.
Our goal is to replicate the peripheral infrastructure of your life as quickly as possible by targeting the following areas;

Personal Banking- We assist with account creation as it does not require a social security number and ensures rapid access to vital funds. We also offer important advice and guidance on some of the nuances of personal banking here In the USA.
Pensions – We can give you a list of highly vetted preferred suppliers both in terms of how to best manage existing retirement vehicles in one’s home country, and also those offering best options for the new arrival here in the USA
Tax and Wealth Planning – Our curated list of bespoke partners offer international families assistance in protecting, holding and transferring their wealth. Restructuring existing solutions with the goal of mitigating risks, preserving tax efficiency and establishing effective control mechanisms in light of the international move.

Vital Governmental documentation.
Social Security number- A Social Security number is essential in everyday life – it has become the de facto national identification number for taxation and other purposes. We will coordinate the appointment and escort the client to the Social Security Administration office to facilitate the application process, answer any and all questions they may have and assist in expediting it.
Driver’s License- We will provide the client (and spouse) assistance with navigating the DMV and the paperwork necessary to register for a driver’s License and if necessary assist with the booking and preparation for a full driver’s exam.
Parking permits- We will assist to get parking permits in your chosen area.
Council information including refuse /rubbish collection information

School Search.
Our Concierge will always take the time to get to know the client and his/her family, so they can offer bespoke advice. This ensures you get the best advice in order for your relocation to be successful.
We listen to the parents goals for their children and highlight resources in their chosen area.
We will escort the parents on school visits while providing information on different educational options including, pre- schools, private schooling options, international schools and schools that offer English as a Second Language (ESL) or language immersion classes.
Your concierge will assist with School registration and can connect you to local resources to address any international education issues. They can put you in touch with local families within your preferred community who can offer to get practical advice and hyper local information.

Next steps.
Once those cornerstone decisions have been reached your concierge will give you continuous personal support and facilitate everything the family could possibly need including but not limited to
Utilities – from opening accounts to being there for appointments if necessary, average costs and how to pay for them.
Mobile phones and Internet/Cable service providers
School Registration and enrolment
After-school Activities
Special School Programs
Childcare resources, nanny services, au pairs
Car leasing or purchasing
Hospitals and emergency services

Local Healthcare providers

Sports & Recreation
Housekeeping Services
Public Transportation information
Shopping & Entertainment
Art & Museums
Clubs & Associations
including any cross cultural organizations that may give some degree of continuity to the family.
Pet Care
Religion & Worship
Furniture rental/ purchase

Networking opportunities

Resources and Support Services.
We maintain a database of 1000s of qualified resources – essential/technical support services, and professionals — for any conceivable need.
Partner support services-Statistical analysis (and our own experience) bear out the fact that success or failure or any relocation is based as much on the successful integration of the partner into the new location both socially and professionally. Our partner support services are an extremely important offering as they allow our concierge to open up a vast network of opportunities to assist the relocating partner.
Your concierge will give you an educated understanding of the local job market, show them local job search resources, give them regional specific CV/ resume guidance and advice. Further education advice and professional accreditation resources, access to private tutors, language classes. We have a wealth of contacts and resources at your partner’s disposal designed to provide the ultimate support, and opportunity to reach their career goals in the new home country.
We often host our own networking events which aim to offer both professional and personal networking opportunities in a fun setting.