To obtain optimum results, we work from our core competency – a total command of the NYC and Westchester area .We deliver a  region-specific blueprint that navigates through its complex idiosyncrasies and obstacles. Our methodology provides the tools to:

  • Reduce the typical Home Search by conducting a multi-layered, thorough pre-departure needs consultation from which all issues are weighed and evaluated.
  • Devise a strategic, time-efficient home search itinerary that includes property showings, area tours and school interviews.
  • Deliver a bespoke multi community orientation to NYC and the suburbs.
  • Provide NY real estate recommendations based on area knowledge, housing inventory, cultural sensibilities and areas of common experience.
  • Provide spousal career and personal interest assistance by providing resources, networking opportunities and professional introductions.
  • Arrange appropriate New York area community introductions, whether for a CEO, a young MBA or a non-English speaking spouse.
  • Deliver the technical support and professional resources required to procure all necessary U.S. IDs, facilitate leases and home purchases, and set up all essential services.
  • Provide an expertly curated wealth of resources and help make social, cultural and professional introductions for the first critical settling-in year.

We adopt a family-centric approach to the relocation based on the theory that the success of a relocation depends just as much, if not more so, on the successful integration in the new environment by the clients family.