About me

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I am a married father of 2 girls,living in the USA since 2003. I am originally from Manchester, England by way of Bogota,Colombia (where my mother and her family hail from), El Ferrol, Spain ( where my Dad was born) and Ireland by way of my grandfather(Dad’s dad).

I have a lot of relocation clients as I can point to my own experiences and ensure the smoothest transition into the US but more specifically into NYC life.I work in residential real estate in NY , helping clients buy , sell or rent properties in New York City and Westchester area.

New York is a city that constantly surprises me , whether it be through amazing little neighbourhood places like the Brooklyn Farmacy or something more grand like the New York Public Library. It is a city that truly reflects its status as the melting pot for global culture.

The cuisine is second to none, I do not think there is a more consistently high standard of gastronomic delights for every palate and every budget anywhere else in the world. And as a keen eater this makes me very happy!!

I have been able to maintain my interests in Football -Soccer for the linguistically challenged 😉 – without skipping a beat, in fact I have been able to see more games on the TV here than you can ever see back in England.

So far I have crossed of the New York Marathon off my NYC bucket list (in 2009) and then in 2011 ran a 50K in Bear Mountain State Park NY. I have also manged to go to WWF event so that is also crossed off. I still have many to do and imagine I will be writing about them on here.

Thank you for your time and interest


NYC Thanksgiving 2015